This Is Heath's 1973 Nissan Cedric H230 260C 8-Seater Wagon.
It started life off as a country driven car that was originally $200 more expensive than an XA GT Falcon! Heath purchased it as a stock vehicle and began building it up to what it is today, it's been built up from a mix of rare 240C coupe parts and period-correct Japanese accessories. It's 3 speed Column Shift Manual connected to a rebuilt L28 motor with a draw through turbo setup. 

The car gets regularly used for hauling car parts, travelling to gigs or the drive-in with his mates and camping in flat areas that it can actually access.

Heath described the car as "an atmosphere car" whether it just the stereo pumping hip hop out next to the camp site on a 40+ day or filled to the brim with 8 mates going between pubs in the city with the windows down.

This car really is an event in itself. It's not about how it handles and how much power it has  it's the experiences and memories that make this car what it is.

Think about that when you next buy a car



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